Hi there, I'm Matthias, an avid traveler and explorer who thrives on adventure and simplicity. Together with Spot we set out on a journey with a homemade wooden cart.

This journey is not just about the destinations, it's about tasting something different, experimenting and creating a different kind of experience for myself.

The idea of the cart was born from a desire to create a mobile lifestyle that integrates seamlessly with my love for the outdoors and Spot. Constructed from wood and rope, the cart allows me to carry my essentials while navigating through forests, trails, and even hitchhiking when necessary. This simple yet functional design speaks to my belief in creating practical solutions using minimal resources.

Throughout my travels, I've experienced the profound impact of slowing down and immersing myself in nature. From walking barefoot in the forest to cooking meals on a wood gas stove, each moment is a reminder of the beauty and simplicity that life offers when we strip away the excess.

This journey has also been about challenging societal norms and embracing a more unconventional lifestyle. Whether it's dealing with a flat tire on a remote trail or finding innovative ways to camp freely, each obstacle has taught me resilience and adaptability. It's a practice of moving differently, with less fear, and embracing the unexpected joys and challenges that come with it. It is a step into the direction of inventing your own life, loose from what all else is doing around you. To have courage and to believe it is possible to live a life that does not resemble the standard.

Traveling with the cart has also been an experiment in minimalism and self-sufficiency. Carrying only what is necessary, relying on found materials for repairs, and living in harmony with the elements have all been integral parts of this experience. It's a lifestyle that prioritises inner comfort and capability over external dependencies, fostering a deeper connection to myself and the environment.

Ultimately, my journey with the cart is about more than just traveling; it's about living intentionally and mindfully. It's about finding balance between exposure and nurture, and discovering the freedom that comes from being more capable and less reliant on modern conveniences. Through this adventure, I aim to inspire others to embrace simplicity, connect with nature, and find their own path to a more fulfilling and sustainable way of life.