intermittent fasting


I'm staying in a forest for a while together with Spot. Alone time to reflect and nurturing body and mind. It's mainly because I feel without energy that I broke out the regular traveling routine. Now recovering slowly, with plenty of warm Portuguese sun, I jumped onto intermittent fasting again. This time with more dedication.

It's going well now for a couple of days, restricting my food intake to a 5-6 hour window. Leaving my body without food for about 18hours. Plenty of rest/sleep and the absence of cold do make this easier.

During this fasting it becomes questionable what hunger really is. Questionable what this sensation I labeled hunger really is. How I am conditioned, unconsciously, towards sensations that come from my belly area. How I mindlessly react by eating. Is there another way to relate to this sensation? One that serves me more?

The body manages it self differently during these longer periods without food. It does things it will not do if it would be continuously fed. Some systems of the body only become active through fasting. It might feel uncomfortable in the beginning as the body has not moved like this in a long time. This change in movement is one I want to welcome, to move the stagnant once again.

I believe in "fasting" as in "temporarily moving away from" as a dynamic that promotes and might even be essential for health of an organism.