nurture instead


I just oiled the newly carved spoon with olive oil.

It's a nurturing action that will prolong its life and keep it in good health. Natural objects, just as this spoon, welcome and benefit from such actions. Many modern materials and objects do not. Modern materials resist the natrual decay. They are designed to resist it and do not benefit from nor welcome nurturing in the same way that natural objects do.

Most modern objects are carefree and ask little or no nurturing attention. This could be seen as a strength, a benefit, as you do not have to take care of them. But it is this strength that turns into a burden a soon we want to rid ourselves of these modern objects. These objects can not Return naturally. We need to process them, recycle them. If left on their own accord they burden us and our environment. The whole recycling process is long and asks for a lot of human interactions, processes, transportation, energy and it creates even more waste. But to put it short, the act of recycling, which is a need when it comes to modern objects, is a burden for us, it takes huge effort.

Unlike modern objects, there is no effort, no recycling, no human interaction or processes needed, to rid ourselves from natural objects. Those objects decay the moment they are created. You can literally drop them on the ground and Nature will take care of it.

Producing and recycling modern objects, that cannot Return naturally on their own, demand huge amounts of energy. We could use a fraction of that energy to nurture natural objects instead. We could give the things around us some love throughout their life, keeping them healthy and in good shape.

Oil that wooden spoon, wax that cotton jacket. They'll stay with you longer with your loving touch. But when it is time for them to go, they will leave you effortlessly.