city shelter


It is late, and we are still wandering the city. We are having a hard time finding a place to sleep. Next to dumpsters we find big carton boxes. Behind a wall, in a quiet corner, we create a simple carton shelter. It keeps the light drizzle from our sleeping bags and makes a cozy hole for the 3 of us.

Sleeping in the city like this, like a homeless would. Not judging whether it is a good or a bad thing, a should or should not. These thoughts are not relevant anymore. It works, it serves. Moving away from what I have been told about it in the past, from what my outside world says about it or on how I currently view a thing. Feeling comfortable and at ease sleeping like this. No fear, no worry, no polluting thoughts. The younger me would never thought my mind/emotions/conditioning would allow me to do this.

To see the beneficial parts, the richness. To cultivate a mind that is a bit more open, more free, a mind that sees simpler solutions for it is not framed, limited, by how things should be.