garbage spain


A time ago I started making a habit to pickup anything littering the Earth. In my head it is no longer a matter of whom it belonged to or why I should not pick it up, it is not mine anyway. I go for the short and the mind easy solution, I pick it up, the place is cleaned, done. No more spending mind energy on why or why not I should pick garbage up. The most energy sufficient and serving thing to do is to stop polluting my own mind with this nowhere-leading-debating-nonsense and pick it up all ready.

It is still an exercise but at times I get myself as far to pickup others dog poo. I try not to act anymore on what my current/old internal story about my experience says. Its one of the steps I make from the Me towards the We. As in I drop a part of my ego/story doing it to serve that which surrounds/enables me. Because the right answers/actions are mostly so easy. Any unpolluted child or the child in you, knows what to do. My first thoughts become more pure and serving, they mostly do the trick.

But I do not always pick garbage up. There is always a bridge too far and that bridge is Spain. So much garbage everywhere, there is no end to it.

I do not wish to burdened myself with this garbage picking habit. So for now, here in Spain, being gentle with myself, I find a balance picking up far less garbage.

Spain clearly has to learn something about littering its own land. People picking up garbage could serve as an example-inspiration. But it also serves Spain to see the feedback of its current (none-)actions, climaxing soon into awareness and change.