enhance by raw natural material


I have thinking about this for a while and it would be cool to see a different kind of product design. Products, like a backpack or bike, that are made in a way that they need the addition of Raw Natural Materials. To make an example. You could buy a backpack in the store and it would need you go out and find branches to put into the sloths for the creation of the frame. It would also require you to stuff in padding in several areas. One could use dried grasses or mosses.

There are a few characteristics that would go hand in with this.


These products could require some degree of skill, knife handling so one can trim the branches for the frame etc. Knowledge of the Natural world.


These products are not to be made in a way they last forever. They are made in a way they last a very long time if taken care of. If you nurture those products you will have a very different relationship. Many products, if not all, use materials, like plastic, that are meant to last. But when they are unwanted they are a burden to Nature. Once they are not used anymore, the very effort to make those materials last forever becomes a burden.

return with no burden

The product returns back to the Earth without any need of human interaction. No need for recycling, the energy used for the whole recycling process can be used to nurture your personal products into health instead. They are products that are unable to pollute the Earth as they would simply return back to the earth.

enhanced return

Products that do return to Earth could be actually be beneficial. In corporate seeds, minerals,… in the design for example.

independance & DIY

These products can be fixed and altered by yourself.

no warranty

Because I find the idea of warranty is nonsensical. I can explain why another time.