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Walking barefeet in the forest
Walking barefeet in the forest

During our trip through Slovenia we met Nara. He was one of the most interesting and impactful individuals I have met. For me he was the bare feet God and through him came my motivation to leave my shoes behind, again. As it was not the first time I tried. Because of this encounter my girlfriend and I walked bare feet for a whole day in a forest. As a result of the long walk we both had a headache that same evening.

Barefeet walking gives one's feet a sturdy massage. Doing so it can, according to my experience, loosen up all kind of things. In foot reflexology, different zones on the sole of the feet connect to corresponding organs. Walking barefeet for first times could present some discomfort or change in the body. But that is a good sign. It means that for too long the body has not been manipulated in that way. Having a headache as a result of this manipulation can be a sign. A sign that some form of stagnation present in your feet or any related organs is being released.

I do wonder how big the benefit of bare feet walking has on my health.