I have been wondering about this for a while now. Would it be cool to make a workshop around this cart thing? I could give two workshops. One workshop would focus on creating the actual cart. While the other workshop would focus on traveling with the cart.

Cart crafting

I'll take you through the whole building process. You'll be crafting your own wood and rope cart with hand tools such as sizzle, woodworking knife, spokeshave, etc. The cart can be tailored to your own height and needs. We can decorate with a burning pen or alternative ways. We finish the cart with (natural pigmented) linseed oil, ...

Cart traveling

We could travel with a small group of people (do bring your dog, Spot will be joining us as well). We'll expose ourselves to nature whilst remaining gentle to the body and mind. Such as cold swims, walking barefeet, fasting, welcoming the elements, forest pooping ("boskakker badge" to be earned!), etc...

We'll slow the flip down. This does not mean we walk lazy and slow. It means we take our time to do things. For example, in the morning we could fast, do breathing and body exercises, welcome the sun, etc, before we start walking.

In the evening and during free time we could carve (spoons), (learn to) play music (bring instruments if you have, plenty of space on your cart :D), practice fire making, etc...

I would like to put a bit of an integrated meditative and mindful character into this workshop, without making it fuziwasa.

Does this speak to you? Do you have input? How would you like to see this workshop? Do get in touch