move differently


For me it makes a good exercise, walking in the streets, without shoes, with a cart and a loose dog. It's an exercise in moving the way I want to, while the whole world around me moves differently. It is not a rebellion or a force against, but more so a giving in, finally, to what speaks inside.

This cart thing gives me opportunity to grow in this. It's a practice where I try to handle my thoughts and emotions and carry myself in a more centered and balanced way. It took time and practice but now my inner movement speaks brighter and with less assumptions on what others or the world around me may say.

What helped for me is to realise that how we look (towards others, objects), how we perceive, is through one of infinite possible ways. For me it is a matter of seeing through the more beautiful, the more serving. When I got this, nothing offended me or shook me up anymore. (at that time, but now things still can)

Judgement lost its emotional negative effect on me because all I see, when judgement is being poured over me, is how this person is seeing me. In that moment a view is being presented to me and with it that person reveals something very intimate. The quality of her or his seeing. You can take and leave what you want from it. It's a matter of integrating the most serving and beautiful views and let the lesser ones be.

When a more beautiful and serving view is integrated, the teacher, the fear, disappears. You then look with a view of your own conscious choosing enabeling you to move more freely within this world, with less fear. Somehow it feels like a breaking free.

I choose to do this cart thing because I try to explore "my own" talk and beliefs. Doing so I see what serves me or what I need to tweak or drop. It still takes effort to put myself out there and show more of what lives inside me. Seeing the response of the world around me, with a different understanding, makes it much easier to walk that path.

It's enriching to allow yourself to move your own movement, to move with less fear. To embrace and enjoy diversity more and more and naturally become a part of that by acting more on what lives inside you. It is beautiful to see more people to allowing themselves to move in their own unique way. They move more freely, with less fear, breaking the mold around our heads and our hearts.