comfort from within


As with the bare feet walking, I like this movement-growth-direction where I become more capable and as a result I am in need of less. I am exploring this (mentally and physically) for a while now and would love to see where it leads.

To sit perfectly fine without a chair. To not be depended on the comfort of the chair but to create that comfort from within. Doing so one becomes more, as in more capable, more flexible, more adaptable, more free.

There is a balance to be found between being nurtured and in being exposed. Both you are able to control. I believe there is a sweet spot right between exposure and nurture where growth is most powerful. It is a fine balance between yin and yang, between the qualities of the Woman and the Man. It needs the more womanly sensitivity and the listening towards all aspects that are you, and it needs the more manly focus to be able to be disturbed by your experiences without them leading you away.

The above is a belief, and it has noise, is not so pure, not so clear, and will most likely change in the future. It is still partly a mental thing, but is a general direction where I want to go. I do believe the idea is a beautiful one because it implies that I am ever more capable the more I guide myself into exposure. Doing so it makes a journey where I get to know myself, where I see myself change. The more I get to know myself, more deeply, more finely the more I become capable. It is a vicious circle, one I desire.