Wood Gas Stove

- Gear -

A friend let me try out his wood gas stove and I loved it. Now I carry my own with me.

Things I like about this stove:

  • it lets me cook with little fuel
  • there is little/no smoke when it is up and running
  • I'm not dependend on fuels (alcohol, gas etc.. ) I have to buy
  • I do not have to carry fuel.
  • no more waste or packaging that comes with buying fuels.
  • cost free use of the stove.
  • a planet friendly cooking stove.
  • fuel (wood) can be found almost everywhere, even in the city parks.
  • I cooked in public places before, safely and without drawing attention.
  • one packed chamber of dense wood is able to cook water for +40min (I do need to refill when burning less dense wood)
  • I can fuel up on sticks and branches without the need of a saw or an axe. But I do useally put in some sawed bigger-denser pieces in the fuel chamber.
  • I can cook real unprocessed foods like lentils and rice that require longer cooking times without worrying about fuel or fuel costs.

Even though it first felt like another bushcraft gadget, for me this wood gas stove gives me flexibility to cook real foods in a planet friendly way with fuel that is found practically everywhere, wherever I want and without leaving a trace. Love it!